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I want to thank you again for the TAP dental device for my sleep apnea. I had been struggling with the CPAP unit for over a year, trying everything they offered, including the full mask, nasal mask and nasal pillow. I was on the verge of giving up. I have a quick gag reflect, which you know, but was able to quickly adjust to the dental device and now use the it without even thinking about it. I can now sleep in any position without the hose twisted around me, or having the mask leak on my face and eyes. An added benefit I hadn’t thought of came to my attention when I packed for a vacation trip, the first time after getting the TAP device. No compressor, hose or humidifier to deal with. Just drop the small storage box, smaller than an electric razor, into my luggage. The cost seemed high until I did the math. Even after paying for the main CPAP unit, which can break down and wear out, there is the on going cost of replacing the nasal pillows every two weeks, the hose replacement and humidifier water tub. I was pleased to see that most of the TAP cost is covered by my insurance with the doctors prescription. Lastly the maintenance and use of the TAP device is simple compared to the CPAP. Just clean them once a week using any denture cleaner. To use it, I just let them sit in a cup of tap hot water for few minutes and put them in, like you would a sports mouth guard. No straps to adjust or hose to hassle with. Once again, I can honestly admit that I would not be treating my sleep apnea now if it wasn’t for the TAP device you suggested.

Thank You Richard Vega



Dear Dr. Norwalk and his staff,

Thank you so much for being my dentist for over 40 years; and having the trust, and care that you and your staff have given me.

No matter what age, the right choice was based on, careful decisions to have a dental implant. My dentist, really determined I was a candidate for dental implants. Plus, he is well qualified to perform implants based on his extensive experience and in depth of studies, classes and training. He also, told me if unreplaced, missing, teeth can cause other teeth to be lost, tipped, or eroded and create further problems.

So, I will continue to be Dr. Norwalk’s patient and tell people about him, his office girls and staff and the services they provide.

Thanks again everyone, ( Smiles )

Mrs. Zelva ( Zee) Goodman Genoa Ohio

This letter is written with gratitude to Dr. Norwalk and all of his staff of his Dental Office. That’s right, I said Dentist. After my being tossed around through the dental regime while serving in the Army, dentistry put a rather “bitter” taste in my mouth. I’m not saying that all were bad experiences, but there were some that allowed me to become a procrastinator with regular dental visits. What a mistake that was.

I knew I needed to get myself and my three boys in for cleanings and tooth care. But who would I turn to not only for myself, but I know I needed to find someone my children would be comfortable with.

With a prayer at night, I woke the next day and began looking through the phone book and came upon a name that said “Go ahead, give us a try.” I called, and of course the first question was “Do you take my insurance type?” Yes? OK-let’s go!

And now I can say I am ever so grateful for the care and consideration Dr. Norwalk and his staff provide. It is rare that a dental office allows children to observe procedures, but it has made a world of difference with my boys enjoying, yes I said enjoying, going to the dentist. Considerate, informative and concerned as to whom you are and your dental needs. I don’t like shots as much as the next person, but this man is gifted in his craft.

From the office “girls” up front to the assistants, who clean, assist and care for your mouth, I can’t thank this staff enough for bringing my faith and health back in Dental offices.

Thank You Dr. Keith Norwalk & Staff

Sincerely, Margaret (Meinke) Helbing

Dr. Norwalk,

Just a short note to thank you so much for all the happiness you have done for me to be able to SMILE again.

It has been a long time (Since 1989) that I have ever been so happy with my smile.

Thank you so much, again!

Sincerely, Shirley Risner

Dear Dr. Norwalk,

I am very pleased and happy with the bonding you did on my teeth. They look like new,and that is because of your expertise and professional work you do. You are the best Dentist,Harry and I could be so fortunate to have.

Jean Roberts

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